Ecology, the real nature of the mountain

Central Stara Planina is ecologically clean area. The area is pleased with intact nature and is a part of the national park "Central Balkan" of Stara Planina. That is one of the most valuable and the biggest protected territories. The century old forests are the home of squirrels, wolfs, wild bears and wild goats. In the air may be seen eagles, falcons and hawks.

The nature lovers may be pleased with protected flora and fauna. You may be satisfied with wild berries- blue berries, black berries, cornel cherries, wild strawberries, wild mushrooms and medical herbs as well. The mountain glades are covered with party-coloured carpets of various colors. The beauty of the area is completed with various different flowers, which never will be seen in the overfilled flowers shops of the towns.

The National Central Park of Stara Planina

The National Central Park of Stara Planina

The nature chiseled during the centuries the relief of the tremendous rocky walls and precipices, where are waterfalls, created by the river Vidima, passing through the village. Passing through the forest, using the prepared path over the river, you may stop to see the next small waterfall and the next fountain in the rock, where is a mineral water spring.

In the area of the towns of Trojan and Apriltzi are natural reserve "Kozya Stena" (Chamois Wall), "Steneto", "Severen Djendem" (Northern Hell). They are part of the national park "Central Balkan"

Here may be met rivers and protected plants, the edelweiss of Stara Planina, rose of the Alps, centuries old beech-trees, fir-groves and spruce forests, rare wild animals and birds- brown bear, wild boars, wild goats, eagles, wolfs, owlet etc. In the reserve "Severen Djendem" (Northern Hell) there are about 30 waterfalls. One of them is the one called "Raisko Praskalo".